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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This month's feel better tip: "Color Therapy"

As March as has descended upon us, it feels like Winter is never going to end, even though Spring is in March,and just around the corner. I have another tip for ya to keep your chin up while waiting just alittle bit longer. "Color Therapy" as I like to call it, has been proven to work in many studies. Keep these colors in mind when picking out your wardobe for the day, or the small things you surround yourself with such as throw pillows,pictures,candles,ect,everyday little items that you encounter day to day. The color red is shown to envoke passion, so if you want alittle sizzle in your life, then wear this color and strow it all about. Blue is all about what calms you. Think of the ocean,or the sky. Orange on the other hand, has just the opposite effect. Stare at something orange to engerize you and get you moving. To feel happier,and more excited,wear yellow. Feng shui suggusts that even wearing a citrine necklace or bracelet attracts good fortune. Last, but certainly not least, for all of you of Irish descent out there {I happen to be one myself!} the color green is shown to boost confidence,optimism and improve concentration. Think of it: did you ever hear of a lost Leprechaun?! Now that infamous pot of gold is a different story altogether! :)


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