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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alittle Tip I Read This Morning....

Okay, everyone in the each family has one or more of these kind of people, you may be one yourself. My Daddy and my husband are both guilty of this water-wasting crime. What is it? Leaving the water running when you are brushing your teeth! This wastes as much as 3 gallons of water a minute. Take the full recommended dose of brushing for 5 whole minutes? That is 15-16 gallons of water gone down that drain that you are paying for. Imagine or try to line up 16 gallon jugs full of water somewhere. See how much water that is wasted? That is coming out of your paycheck, and let's face it, or look at it, that's alot of water that you could have used for something else. In a week's time, that is 75-77 gallons of water gone, so please just remember, it may seem like a small thing today, but it might be adding up to cost you alot more tommorrow. :)

More on washing those clothes....

For those of you who caught my earlier tip on washing clothes with a full load, here are two more for ya on that subject. When washing towels, use a cold wash and cold rinse cycle. If you were like me, I have been thinking for years that washing in hot water killed the germs or something, or you just did it cause that was the way Momma did it, it simply is not true. You are wasting energy, so for about a year now, I have been washing with cold water. Try it, I promise you will see a difference in the power bill. Also, try to remember to clean out that dirty lint trap. If you don't, the dyer works harder, and against itself. If you clean the trap out everytime, it makes a 30% difference. That means more savings for you on that dreaded energy bill, and who don't need every little penny now, no matter where it comes from?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't toss that laundry bottle just yet....

With the state of the economy, we can all use alittle extra help wherever we can find it. Before you toss your "empty" laundry bottle away, fill it with water, and give it a good shake. I have found that I can get at least two more loads of laundry out of that "empty" bottle that way. Just some good 'ole Yankee enginuity. Please don't tell my Momma I said that y'all! :)

Tips for burns....

The reason I posted this as going green is because it involves planting something. Pot a plant of aloe vera in your kitchen. When you burn yourself,simply break a piece of the aloe's long branchs, and apply the aloe vera juice to the burn as it comes out. Plus, you don't have far to go if it's already in the kitchen. Another remedy I would like to tell you about that I have tried is eggs. Yes, I did say eggs. If you burn your hand{probably 65 % of the time that is what it is going to be} crack an egg or eggs, as many as it takes to cover the burn, and stick your hand in the bowl until the eggs cover the burn. Leave 5-10 minutes and then take your hand out and wash. DO NOT put your hand in water first! This often  makes it worse, and don't wait. As soon as you know you have burnt yourself, do this. The longer you wait,the worse the burn is going to be. If your skin is bubbling, or blistering, DO NOT WAIT! Seek immedaite medical attention! Happy cooking, and stay safe y'all!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Grow your own herbs....

Not only will home-grown herbs taste better than those bottled up at the store, this also helps the environment, and nor just with herbs, that is anything you plant....trees, produce, flowers, etc. Besides that, some herbs produce a lovely aroma. Just another added benefit, and think how pretty those pots will look on your windowsill!

Do this if you want younger-looking hands....

Want younger-looking hands without all the fuss? Simple! Paint your fingernails! Studies show that hands when presented with any color finger nail polish automatically looked younger than those without because the color draws your eyes away from any imperfections. Just another reason to go get those nails done!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Buying Fresh...

As warmer weather appoaches, gas prices are going to continue to soar; we all know it,it is just a fact that has become part of our lives in the last couple of years. Gas prices spike sky high as soon as summer and vacation time roll around, but also ,that spike at the pump is going to be passed on to you, as the consumer, a second time around. When this spike takes place, it also makes your grocery bill go up as well as it takes more money for that food to reach the stores and onto the shelves. If at all possible, buy your produce from farmer's markets this year. It is not an uncommon sight  in the South to see a homemade sign that a gardner has put out, trying to sell their extra produce to make a buck or two. This produce tastes better because it is farm fresh, with no preservatives. The added benefit is it helps the little man, and this person is probably your neighbor or someone that you know. This helps the community and you know exactly where that produce came from, and,  lower prices for you since it cuts out your "corporate middle man." Better tasting food, lower prices, helping your fellow neighbor; sounds like a win- win situation to me. Happy shopping  y'all. :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

No-Sew Flower Hair Pins

With Easter just around the corner, I will be trying to get lots of posts up the would be cute in Easter Baskets! Today I am soing to show you how to make these cute rosette hair pins!
Here is what you need:
  • ric rac~ about 18 inches long per flower
  • hot glue gun
  • felt
  • bobby pins
First, cut about 18 inches of the ric rac. Now cut a small circle (about the size of a nickel) from the felt.

Tightly begin rolling the ribbon to itself using your hot glue gun, as needed, every few inches.
After you finish rolling, glue your flower to the piece of felt. Now, just add some glue to the back of the felt/flower and stick it to the bobby pin.
 You can also change it up by making a row with 2 or 3 flowers. These are absolutely adorable in your hair and would be great in any girl's Easter basket, young or old! :) Have a wonderful weekend, crafty ladies!