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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tips for burns....

The reason I posted this as going green is because it involves planting something. Pot a plant of aloe vera in your kitchen. When you burn yourself,simply break a piece of the aloe's long branchs, and apply the aloe vera juice to the burn as it comes out. Plus, you don't have far to go if it's already in the kitchen. Another remedy I would like to tell you about that I have tried is eggs. Yes, I did say eggs. If you burn your hand{probably 65 % of the time that is what it is going to be} crack an egg or eggs, as many as it takes to cover the burn, and stick your hand in the bowl until the eggs cover the burn. Leave 5-10 minutes and then take your hand out and wash. DO NOT put your hand in water first! This often  makes it worse, and don't wait. As soon as you know you have burnt yourself, do this. The longer you wait,the worse the burn is going to be. If your skin is bubbling, or blistering, DO NOT WAIT! Seek immedaite medical attention! Happy cooking, and stay safe y'all!


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