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Saturday, April 23, 2011

More on washing those clothes....

For those of you who caught my earlier tip on washing clothes with a full load, here are two more for ya on that subject. When washing towels, use a cold wash and cold rinse cycle. If you were like me, I have been thinking for years that washing in hot water killed the germs or something, or you just did it cause that was the way Momma did it, it simply is not true. You are wasting energy, so for about a year now, I have been washing with cold water. Try it, I promise you will see a difference in the power bill. Also, try to remember to clean out that dirty lint trap. If you don't, the dyer works harder, and against itself. If you clean the trap out everytime, it makes a 30% difference. That means more savings for you on that dreaded energy bill, and who don't need every little penny now, no matter where it comes from?


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