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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alittle Tip I Read This Morning....

Okay, everyone in the each family has one or more of these kind of people, you may be one yourself. My Daddy and my husband are both guilty of this water-wasting crime. What is it? Leaving the water running when you are brushing your teeth! This wastes as much as 3 gallons of water a minute. Take the full recommended dose of brushing for 5 whole minutes? That is 15-16 gallons of water gone down that drain that you are paying for. Imagine or try to line up 16 gallon jugs full of water somewhere. See how much water that is wasted? That is coming out of your paycheck, and let's face it, or look at it, that's alot of water that you could have used for something else. In a week's time, that is 75-77 gallons of water gone, so please just remember, it may seem like a small thing today, but it might be adding up to cost you alot more tommorrow. :)


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