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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Before You Head out of the Doctor's Office...

If you have one of those dreaded Doc's visits rapid approaching you, head into the office with this little tid bit of advise. It is a little  known fact, that if you don't have insurance, and you are paying with cash, don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Some doctors do this so they can get part of their money right then, and you never know until you ask. Also,if your doctor has given you prescriptions, ask if they have samples on hand of the medicine they have just prescribed. Alot of drug reps. leave these with the doctor so they will hand out the sample, and people can try their drug without worrying if they can take the whole prescription or not. Also, if they have given you a scrip, check the drug company's website before you get that puppy filled. Alot of drug companies will give you your 1st precription free to keep you coming back for that drug, or they might offer a coupon deal to where you can get so much off that drug every month. If they do this, just remember to take that coupon to the drug store each and every month. Two drug companies  that I know of that gives the 1st month free is Cymbalta, and Advair. These are WELL worth checking into. An Advair can cost you over $ 200.00. Cymbalta has the price range of $ 80.00 and up. That isn't chump change folks, that's alotta dough, especially at this time. So before you head out that doc's door, take a moment and have another chat with him. It could very well be worth your time and your hard earned money.


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