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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saving that Precious fuel...

Even though the gas prices have crept ever so slowly downward, gas is still high. I have a few tips for ya  today to help you save that 'liquid gold' once you have  acquired  it.First, air up your tires and keep them at the recommended air pressure. Second, limit hard breaking, so slow down!{that one liked to have killed me myself!I have a heavy foot!}and if you know you are gonna be in that long drive through line at the bank,turn the car off and don't sit iydling while the air runs. It actually takes less gas for you to start the car back up than to sit,wasting, for minutes at a time. Third,if you can take the heat,use the vent and not the AC.{You are a far braver,better soul than I if you do this one!} Fourth, lighten your load. The things  you have stuffed in the back seat, and trunk{yes, I swear, you CAN live without some of it! Guilty as charged!}get it out. The lighter the car is, the less fuel you will use. Lastly, if you think your car is not getting the proper gas mileage, try a fuel injecter cleaner added to your fuel as your injecters might be stopped up. Have fun ,stay cool, and stay safe out there y'all!


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