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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Put out the burn on sunburn....

Summertime is here again. Everyone knows what that means. Outdoor barbeques, picnics, family outings. Here in the heart of The Deep South, it is already hotter than blue blazes. I happened to stay out too long in the sun the other day,and boy, did the back of one of my arms get cooked! After a cool shower that night, my arm was as red any lobster you have ever saw. Being a soapmaker, I had an inkling of what to do about it. I headed into the kitchen, with my soap supplies. I put pure vitamin E in all my handmade soaps. I popped two 400IU capsules with a knife, and rubbed the contents of the vitamin E into the sunburn. After that, I rubbed a lotion that had aloe vera in it  onto the sunburnt skin. Before you try this, do be aware you need to do this 'BEFORE' you go to bed so that the soothing agents have time to soak into your skin over night. I would also advise wearing something old, and maybe even sleeping on a towel cause after all,it is still an oil, and any oil will stain. However, it did wash out of the dark tee shirt I was wearing. The next day, I would say it looked 50% better, and almost all the heat and sting was gone. I only had to repeat this once more. I did not peel, nor did I lose my tan. So, remember where you put those vitamin E's before you head out in the  sun; you just may need them when nightfall appears.


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